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Tip of the Week, September 9, 2013

Thorens TD-150 MKII, Completely Stock

If you’re looking to purchase a Thorens at a reasonable price, I can’t recommend the TD-150 MKII highly enough.  (I’ve also written about this in my blog)  This model was the precursor to the TD – 160.  It shares with the 160 a 10mm bearing shaft, a heavy outer platter, and a three-point suspension.  The tonearm looks clunky, but is actually capable of producing outstanding sound once you learn its idiosyncrasies.  Google “Kugel” arm, and you will see many sing its praises.  If you are going to purchase one, be aware that all of the doodads on the arm, if missing, can easily add up.  However, if instead like to replace the tonearm, the relatively simple armboard design makes it a do-it-yourself task for most modestly experienced woodworkers.  Prices for these great tables are often under $200.