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Upgrade to new Sorane TA-1 tonearm

The new 9″ Sorane TA-1 Tonearm

“Reproduced sound is precise and clean, thanks to hand assembly by highly skilled craftsmen.”

Sorane was founded in 1974. Katsuaki Ishiyama-san collected designing and development knowledge for various tonearms  manufactured by only handmade and assembled process, with his belief the fine tuning is only available by craftsmen’s precise and sensitive hand.   Even after applying modern CNC milling machine at their own plant for basic parts production, their tonearms still rely on craftsmen’s expertise for final assembly, in particular, to have idealized mechanical surface contact with each other, by hand-tuning and hand-adjustment.

The major key to tonearm quality is the sensitivity and stability in retrieving delicate signals, for which the bearings are the determining factor. The TA-l employs a miniature radial bearing for horizontal movement and a miniature pivot bearing for vertical movement. Very high performance is achieved at a reasonable price.  The body is constructed from a machine-tooled solid aluminum block. The hand-assembled arm wand satisfies every vital condition necessary for vibration-free and noise-free reproduction..

Reproduced sound is precise and clean, thanks to hand assembly by highly skilled craftsmen.

Comes with detachable Sorane headshell.

Included with the tonearm:
  • Custom DIN cable made with  Mogami Mini Starquad Tonearm cable, an angled DIN connector and Starline RCAs. It also has dual grounding ($159 value)
  • Five year “bumper to bumper” warranty through Vinyl Nirvana. Any issue, just contact us.