Merrill MS-2, Hadcock 228

Another Turntable Offering:

Merrill-Scillia MS-2 with Hadcock 228 Export Arm, $3995 plus shipping

This Week’s Merrill-Scillia MS-2 in Cherry, with Hadcock 228 Export Tonearm


Many of you know that my main turntable is a Merrill Heirloom.  Since I purchased that turntable, I have not wanted another one in my system.  It is essentially a modded AR on steroids.  George Merrill took all of the modifications he had been designing and manufacturing for ARs, and took them to the next level in the table he called the Heirloom because he felt it would be the last turntable a person would own, and they would pass it on.

George stopped making the turntables in the 90s, but came out of “turntable retirement” at the urging of Anthony Scillia who had been taking over many of the modifications and refining them even further.  They designed two turntables together, the MS-21 and the MS-2.   The MS-21 sold for over $20,000, and the MS-2 was originally supposed to be the more affordable table.  However, the two ended up leaving almost all of the modifications of the MS-21 in the MS-2, and so they originally retailed at over $8000.

They are amazing turntables.  I heard and saw my first one at Anthony’s home.  The first thing you are struck by is the awesomeness of the fit and finish.  There is an industrial beauty to these turntables evident in every detail.  He spent an hour with me walking me through all of the improvements over the original Merrill Heirloom.  Not only telling me what they were, but explaining in detail why they were made.  If I could have afforded it, I would have bought one that day.  Instead, I came to the decision I would have Anthony incorporate most of those improvements in a refurbishment of my turntable, my original Merrill Heirloom. I got that turntable back a couple of years ago, and I have been completely thrilled with the sonic improvement.  All of the enhancements come together in a way that, to my ears, equals musical bliss.

Before I get carried away with more description, I will just provide you with a link to a Six Moons  review of an MS-2 that is outfitted exactly as this turntable I am offering.  It is extensive in outlining the history and the accomplishments of this turntable.

The Table:

As you can see from the photos, the turntable is in excellent used condition, a 9.0/10.0.  There are some very minor scuffs on the Corian top surface that I could not get to show in photos.  There is also some very slight nicking to the top front edge of the outboard power supply; you can see them if you look very carefully over the MS insignia.  The custom Ginkgo dust cover looks amazing, but does have some small dusting swirls.  Finally, the solid cherry plinth has some small indents in the rear side behind the tonearm.  I can provide photos of the indents, if asked.   Again, Everything in the pictures is included…again, it is outfitted exactly the same as the turntable that is in the Six Moons review.

My final words on the table…in many of my phone consults I have counseled those with the money to buy a table by Merrill-Scillia. It is my strong opinion that a generation from now these tables will be regarded as the finest example of the suspended sub-chassis, belt driven turntable.  So, here is your chance to own one, at exactly half the original retail price, completely serviced by me to bring it to almost new condition.

The Hadcock 228 Export Tonearm

Hadcock tonearms are renowned worldwide for their excellence.  The 228 is unipivot in design, and exceptionally well machined.  One thing I love about the arm is that separate “wands” can be purchased, so you can enjoy the luxury of using more than one cartridge with relative ease.  I tested the arm with a Benz Micro Ace and was very impressed with its performance on the MS-2.  The arm can certainly handle much more cartridge than the Ace, and if you purchase this table, we can discuss cartridge options as part of the sale. I have several recommendations.  If I mount and align your cartridge, it makes set-up in your home incredibly easy, plus you get the peace of mind it’s been done right.

Note two slight nicks on top of front plate over MS.
The "dot" in the front right is a reflection in the gorgeous Corian.

The Details

If the buyer lives the following states, I will deliver the turntable to your home and set it up for you at the selling price.  (Maine, NH, VT, MA, CT)  If you live out of this area,  it will be shipped in its original packaging, including that for the tonearm.  If it is shipped and the buyer needs it, I can supply up to one hour of help by phone with set up. (At a mutually arranged time.)  The table is guaranteed to look and function as I have described it, or it may be returned within 10 days of arrival for full refund, minus shipping.  After 10 days, approved returns will be for merchandise credit only.

Some comments from buyers….

“Outstanding & dedicated craftsman. Helpful hints. Personal attention.”

“The best! A great communicator who goes above and beyond in the service dept.”

“If you want an excellent reconditioned vintage turntable, Dave’s the Man! Thanks”

“When eBay was invented, nobody dreamed there’d be a seller as great as Dave!!”

Email me if you are interested in purchasing this turntable or another one I have slated for restoration.