Sonographe SG-3 Turntable w/ Music Hall Cruise Control II and Ortofon OM-10 cartridge

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Sonographe SG-3 Turntable w/ Music Hall Cruise Control II and Ortofon OM-10 cartridge, $995 plus shipping

Sonographe SG-3 Turntable

Sono-who? The Sonographe line of turntables were marketed by Conrad Johnson.  I am not sure who they had design and manufacture the turntable, but it was a terrific design with a very nice build.  Here’s what I like about the SG-3 turntable:

  • Suspended acrylic subchassis adjustable from above!
  • Extensive use of acrylic for resonance control: platter, drive platter, subchassis
  • Drive platter is nicely machined and finished, includes indent for lp labels
  • Uses same Hurst motor as the AR tables, so replacements are still available
  • Solid wood sides over inner composite wood frame
  • Logical and quality dustcover design

As you can see, there is a lot to like about this turntable!  There are other suspended subchassis turntables on the periphery, such as CJ Walker and Ariston, but for my money, this is the one to own.  The designer was definitely aware of George Merrill’s work because of the use of acrylic throughout for resonance management.

Cosmetically, the turntable is a solid 9.0/10.0.  The oak plinth is in excellent condition. There is some very minor wear at the edges, but no deep scratches, no nicks, etc.  The dust cover is whole and also in very good to excellent condition.

I really really like this table, and that is no sale’s pitch.  I have often thought if I ever do design a turntable, it would incorporate many of the features of the SG-3.  Too bad Conrad-Johnson introduced this table right when cds were gaining prominence, otherwise, I really think it would have taken off.

For those interested, here is a brochure for the Sonographe.

New Music Hall Cruise Control II is included! ($299 retail)

The Music Hall Cruise Control II

The Cruise Control II is included, allowing electronic switching between 33 RPM and 45 RPM. Additionally, it allows pitch control in tenths of an RPM.  It also cleans up the AC signal and because the belt stays on the 45 RPM portion of the pulley, the motor actually works less hard/more quietly.

The Ortofon OM – 10 starter cartridge

The OM-series is a fantastic match to the light mass tonearm produced by Jelco. Though manufactured three decades ago, an incarnation of the tonearm is still being produced today. The tonearm has been thoroughly checked and the OM-10 completely aligned.

In terms of sonic upgrades, you can move up to the OM-20 stylus for $150 more and the OM-30 stylus for $250 more. Additionally, I am offering the custom cable I sell with my Jelco 750 D Super Reproductions for an additional $125.

The custom cable upgrade is available for $125



The Details

The shipping is not included.  This table will be packed like it is a fragile pane of glass. I simply care too much for these tables to just shove them in a box. I will carefully pack the NOS turntable box in an extra sturdy box.

I love introducing someone new to the joys of vinyl, getting someone back into vinyl who left it for the “superiority” of cds, or helping someone else who does appreciate it to “move up.” In that regard, I do what few sellers do…if the buyer needs it, I can supply up to one hour of help by phone with set up. (At a mutually arranged time.) In general, most buyers don’t need it, but if there IS a problem, I am there.

Your table is guaranteed to look and work as described, or you may return it within ten days of arrival for a full refund, minus return shipping charges and a 5% restocking fee.  After ten days, all returns are for merchandise credit only.

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Email me if you are interested in purchasing this turntable or another one I have slated for restorati