Thorens TD-160 w/ used Rega RB-250

Another Turntable Offering:

Nice Thorens TD-160 w/ Rega RB-250, $595 plus shipping.

Why spend more to buy a refurbished Thorens turntable from Vinyl Nirvana?

Buying vintage electronic equipment on eBay can be a gamble. To better your chances at winning, you want two things: 1) Plenty of information about the auction item; and 2) A seller you can trust. When an Thorens turntable is refurbished by Vinyl Nirvana, it undergoes a multi-step inspection and tuning regimen. Ask another seller of a Thorens table on Ebay these questions and see if you can get a response…

Is the motor running silently? Any unhealthy bearing noise?

Is the spindle straight? Was the spindle cleaned of old belt residue, which can cause rumble?

Does the belt properly interface with the spindle on both 33 and 45 rpm?

Is the belt new or in near mint condition?

Is the proper length belt installed? (Differences of less than an inch can result in speed changes.)

Is the proper width belt installed? (Differences can result in belt slippage or faulty change of speed.)

Has the platter bearing been inspected? Is it straight, true, and without significant wear?

Has the platter bearing well been inspected? Was it cleaned of old grease and contaminants? Was it properly lubed with appropriate oil?

Is the tonearm functioning properly? Any significant side-to-side motion, which can adversely affect tracking? Is range of motion appropriate? Is anti-skate functioning? Is appropriate tonearm weight installed?

Is cueing adjusted properly?

Were electrical connections cleaned and inspected? Headshell leads? Tonearm recepticle? RCA plugs? (Dirty connections can contribute to hum problems.) Are all connections tight? ( I use Dexoit products, highly recommended.)

Is transport screw intact? Is it functioning properly?

Are dust cover hinges intact and not stripped?

Was all wiring beneath the turntable inspected? Were worn solder joints re-soldered?

What is the condition of the AC cord? The interconnect cable?

Are springs in good working condition? Have worn springs been replaced? Has spring suspension been tuned? (This is an art learned through having set up dozens of these tables.)

Was the speed checked by strobodisc at 33 and 45 rpm?

Was headshell inspected? Is there any stripping? Do the cartridge screws hold tight? Are the leads brittle?

Is the tonearm rest original? Is it functioning properly?

Is a proper mat installed?

Is the base intact? Are the rubber feet intact?

If a Thorens table fails to pass any of the above inspections, Vinyl Nirvana corrects the problem before it gets listed. If the turntable is unsellable due to too many defects, it becomes a parts unit to be used in the restoration of other Thorens units. In addition to this multi-step inspection, each turntable is thoroughly detailed with appropriate cleaners. The average cleaning takes up to two hours. Though the tables Vinyl Nirvana sells will vary cosmetically, they will always be clean. Can you trust Vinyl Nirvana as a seller? Please read our ebay feedback (username vinylnirvana3345) regarding sales of turntables. See our testimonial page.

This Week’s Thorens TD-160 w/ Rega RB-250 Tonearm

Overall I would rate the cosmetics as 8.0.  In photos, you will see some imperfections on the metal top.  In one photo they are in a curve,  and they are visible with the platter in place.  In the second one, a previous owner touched up some marks with a marker or like instrument.  It is only noticeable in some light.  Also, see a slight ding on the bottom edge of the left rail.
Besides that, the table is in very nice shape.  Please note that there are some marks on the tonearm where cartridge hardware has scraped the paint.  There is not a good photograph of that but it’s there.
This price does not include the dustcover.  They are available for $125 in clear or tinted.  Note: I have filled in the holes for the hinge pins with putty similar to the color of the veneer.  It is the type of putty that won’t harden permanently, so if you do decide to buy a stock dustcover, you could still use the stock hinges.

The Rega RB-250 Arm

Rega arms are continually hailed as one of the best values in audio.  This used stock RB-250 is in very good to excellent condition, with some very slight wear at the headshell.  If you purchase this table, I can discuss cartridge options as part of the sale.  When I mount and align your cartridge, it makes set-up in your home incredibly easy, plus you get the peace of mind it’s been done right. Note the cartridge in the photos is not included.

Ding on lower left rail
Light circular scratching in front center of metal top
Some marks "fixed" by previous owner with marker or paint
Overall, in most light, the top looks very very good.