Very Rare Thorens TD-147, Auto-shut off version of TD-160 Super

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Very Rare Thorens TD-147, Auto-shut off version of TD-160 Super! $775 plus shipping

Rare Thorens TD-147, Auto-shut off version of TD-160 Super 01


Why buy a restored vintage Thorens turntable from Vinyl Nirvana?

When you buy a restored turntable from Vinyl Nirvana, the table has undergone a multistep inspection, tuning, and detailing regimen.  The work is performed by me, someone who has worked exclusively on belt driven, suspended subchassis turntables such as Thorens, Linn, and AR for over a decade.  I know these models intimately, and have developed techniques over my lifetime to restore them to the best condition possible.

In addition, since I have probably the largest selection of parts for these turntables in North America, if it is determined by inspection that something needs to be replaced because it is missing, broken or worn, it happens. Though all of the turntables I sell will be 100% functional, because of their age, cosmetic condition will vary.  It is my pledge to you that any and all cosmetic defects will be pointed out in the item description, and whenever it is possible, photographs will be provided.  When you buy from me, it is not like eBay where you have to wonder if you are getting what you are really getting.  If there is a flaw cosmetically, you will know it is there.

As a potential buyer, you should know I don’t just service these turntables, I love them.  Though I have restored hundreds of them, I still find great joy in bringing a vintage turntable back to its glory.  Likewise, if the turntable has been customized, I cared deeply that those items are the best possible ones I can source.  For example, my custom plinths are built by a finish carpenter with over 30 years of experience, someone who cares as much about their sound construction as their beauty.  Likewise, when something is custom painted or powercoated, I go to a professional company, one of the most highly regarded in New England.  Those are just two examples, but I have made it my mission, when I do farm out work, to get people who care about their finished product the same way I do.

Finally, because none of the above will matter if the turntable doesn’t reach you in one piece, I have extensive experience in safely shipping vintage turntables.  I know the tricks and the techniques to get your turntable to you without incident.  I literally ship over 100 turntables per year, and my success rate is over 99%.  In the fractional amount of cases where there is a problem, it is always resolved with your complete satisfaction as my goal.  A lot of businesses make that claim; with me you will find it is a way of life.

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Rare Thorens TD-147, Auto-shut off version of TD-160 Super 02


Thorens TD-147 Fully Serviced

Thanks for looking at and reading about this gorgeous Thorens TD – 147.    Like the 160 Super, the TD 147 comes with a beefier base, factory installed damping, improved hinges, and wider plinth. Unlike the TD-160 Super, it came with a factory installed tonearm that features auto-shut off. The combination of Super features and the auto-shut off has made it one of the most sought after Thorens models.

Cosmetically, this table is an 8.5 on a scale of 1-10. The red mahogany veneer finish is in very good to excellent shape. Please check out the close up photos showing a minor ding and some surface wear to the front right corner and rail. The metal portion of the plinth is in  excellent condition.  Dust cover is also very good condition. There are light scratches and scuffs, but overall very nice.

This turntable has undergone my usual restoration process. Additionally, parts of the auto-shut off board were rebuilt.  Overall, it is looking and functioning beautifully!

Stock dust cover and hinges included!
Stock dust cover and hinges included!


The TP-16 II Tonearm w/ new OM-10 Super Cartridge Included!

The TP-16 II arm is a very light mass arm. It is in outstanding condition.  Fully serviced and functional.  I have mounted a brand new Ortofon OM-10 Super cartridge. It’s a good budget cartridge for this arm, but one of the first upgrades I would suggest for this package is upgrading to the OM-20 or OM-30 stylus. The swap literally takes less than a minute. I am an Ortofon dealer, so please inquire about pricing.


DSCN0663 DSCN0665 DSCN0671 DSCN0672


Closer view of wear and small ding at front right corner
Closer view of wear and small ding at front right corner
Small wear area  to right upper rail
Small wear area to right upper rail

The Details

This table will be packed like it is a fragile pane of glass. I simply care too much for these tables to just shove them in a box. I will carefully pack the table in extra sturdy double boxing and layers of bubble wrap. I prefer UPS Ground.

I love introducing someone new to the joys of vinyl, getting someone back into vinyl who left it for the “superiority” of cds, or helping someone else who does appreciate it to “move up.” In that regard, I do what few sellers do…if the buyer needs it, I can supply up to one hour of help by phone with set up. (At a mutually arranged time.) In general, most buyers don’t need it, but if there IS a problem, I am there.

Your table is guaranteed to look and work as described, or you may return it within ten days of arrival for a full refund, minus return shipping charges and a 5% restocking fee.  After ten days, all returns are for merchandise credit only.

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Email me if you are interested in purchasing this turntable or another one I have slated for restoration.