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$30 for half hour, $50 for an hour.  

See below for payment details and pre-consult questions. 

“This was absolutely the best $50 I’ve spent on audio. Period.” DG, NY


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love to talk turntables!  If you are confused by the myriad number of makes and models before you, one phone consult can help you zero in on what vintage turntable is best for your budget. If you happen to end up buying from me, that’s great…but there is absolutely no sales pressure.  I will lay out for you in the frankest terms what I feel would be the best value for your needs, your budget and your whole system synergy.  I am also willing to give you feedback on your upgrade path, cartridge compatibility, turntable care…or whatever your vinyl-related question(s) might be.   Finally, there are some repairs that can be handled by phone call.  (Inquire about that before you pay.)  If you do purchase a custom turntable or restoration service from me, the consult fee is refunded.

$30 for half hour, $50 for an hour.  See below for payment details and pre-consult questions. 


1. “This was absolutely the best $45 I’ve spent on audio. Period.  Dave’s advice has been nothing short of outstanding. His guidance was key in helping get the sound I dreamed about, but had eluded me for many years. It’s important to point out that although Dave sells refurbished AR and Thorens turntables, he wasn’t pushing his products in any way. Dave ultimately ended up directing me to a model turtntable he doesn’t sell  – then guided me to a fantastic deal (not on his site) for a huge savings. Here’s my advice: don’t waste your money paying for an exorbitant dealer markup just for their “advice” (sales pitch) Pay $40 for experienced, unbiased, useful advice and then let Dave help you scour the internet for a real deal.” DG, NY

2. “Thank you for assisting me in our consultation yesterday. The time and money spent with you was a great audio investment. I appreciate your knowledge of turntables, your candor. You were able in 30 minutes to cut out all the previous noise in my head caused by multiple internet searches and conflicting info.  You have an obvious passion for the classic tables and your service adds incredible value.”  RF, San Diego

3.   “If you want me to write a testimonial for your website or anything else, I will do so in a heartbeat.  You have gone beyond the normal already, and that just doesn’t happen anymore, so when it does, it is worth acknowledging and commenting about.”  MR AZ

4. “I can’t thank you enough for your honest straightforward advice on how I can modify my Thorens 145. Your experience and advice provided me the needed direction and confidence to take on modifying my 145. If you are thinking about purchasing a vintage table or modifying one you already have, do yourself a favour and arrange a consultation with Dave. You won’t be disappointed Thanks again.”  DD, Ontario

5. “I also want to express my extreme satisfaction with the best $30 I ever spent. I work for a company which provides “unbiased” IT research to assist companies make better decisions and ultimately saving money. I value speaking to individuals who have knowledge and are looking to provide various options based upon an individual’s requirements. Everyone hates buyer’s remorse and, after our discussion, I feel that certainly will not occur.” Lou M.

6. ” In today’s economic climate what does $30 buy you? For me, it bought an investment and a saving. The investment was in spending the $30 and learning from Dave not to make an expensive and needless upgrades to my Thorens TD 166 mkV, and to save my hard earned cash for a simple stylus upgrade. It’s simple honest advice such as this that newbies such as myself (returning to vinyl after a 35yr hiatus), appreciate. Dave is first and foremost, a genuinely passionate guy on Thorens TTs who never once came across as a hard sell ‘business man’,  but a chap whom one has met at the pub and you learn he shares your interest in vinyl. Due to the plethora of available upgrade options/paths for a Thorens TT, it is absolutely essential any newbie Thorens owner should invest $30 with Dave.” Christos S (Cyprus)

Pre-Telephone Consultation Questions
Please email your responses to:
1. Are you looking to:

  • a. get back into vinyl;
  • b. upgrade;
  • c. try vinyl for the first time?
  • d. other

2. If a or b, what is your previous experience with turntables? Models owned?
3. What is the rest of your system?
4. If buying, what is your time frame? Your budget range?

5. What is the best time/day/date to call? (Use EST)  Best Phone number, please.

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